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Small Projects Intro

Sometimes groups such as Youth groups, Bible study groups, Sunday School classes or Elementary schools want to use small missionary projects to increase member awareness of God’s work through missionaries while at the same time meeting a real need.

There are a quite a number of needs for tools and equipment that might be too big for a missionary to meet with his limited income yet not too big for a Sunday School class or small church.

Please write to us if you would like to adopt a project.  Here are some examples from several things that come to mind for use in our ministry:

Honda  EU2000i / EU20i Generator: Most places missionaries work do not have electricity.  So, if the missionary wants to use a power tool to fix something or he wants to pump water into a tank to take a shower or if he wants to charge his computer battery or tool battery, he or she needs a generator.  Generators are noisy and cost money to run because they burn fuel, so missionaries don’t usually have electricity all the time, just when it is needed. A small, quiet generator that can produce just enough electricity when it is needed is ideal.  This one is ideal for every day low power use. ($2,500)

Some things are small items that can be shipped for a very small expense, such as the rear seat frame support bolt for the John Deere 318 lawn & garden tractor we use to pull the aircraft out of the hangar.

Replacement tin roofing for hangar fuel shed. ($1200)
Five 12 volt solar panels for charging batteries. ($1000)
Five batteries for hangar solar system (lights and computers). ($800)
One true sine wave inverter/charger. $2500
Tin for hangar front door water damage repair. ($300)
Wall paneling for hangar annex interior. ($1100)

These are just some examples. There are many needs:
Lawnmowers, lawn tractors, weed whips, sidewalk edgers, wood planers, computers, special lights, fuel pumps, motorbikes, battery chargers, tractors, cars, professional woodworking tools, construction tools, etc.  Please write for specific details if interested in meeting a specific need.

The fund raising, packaging and shipping can all be part of the hands-on experience.

Small packages travel fairly inexpensively via USPS (United States Postal Service) Express Mail or International Priority mail.  Shipping time is usually ten days to a month.

Our address is:

Randy & Diana Smyth
New Tribes Mission Aviation
Private Mailbag
Hoskins, WNBP 622


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