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Ministry Equipment Needs

September 17, 2008 – In serving the Lord and fellow missionaries here we try to keep the main thing as the main thing.  As you know from your own life there can be a million little time eaters that can keep you from your objective. 

Almost every activity over here creates a chain of time wasting events.  Lack of tools, limited parts availability and old equipment  that often  needs to be repaired before it can be used can complicate any job … and often does.  The solution would be to keep tools and equipment on hand that work reliably so that we can get the particular job done and be free to do other work.  That is what I am trying to establish. 

The pictures below are not necessarily exactly what we want, but the best we’ve seen to date for the particular job.  We are open to suggestions.  Here are some items that would be a great help to our ministry:

Lawn tractor

Lawn tractor

Gravely Mower

Gravely Mower

A riding lawn mower or heavy duty self-propelled lawnmower with a bagger. The 5.5 HP  lawnmower we are now using is nearly worn out and extremely under powered for “kunai” grass.  The grass here is tough, wet, grows fast and keeps coming year around. Grounds maintenance is essential as a testimony to the community and control of critters. 

July 11, 2010 – An old John Deere tractor similar to that pictured above was given to use as a tug to pull aircraft in and out of the hangar.  (No mower.)  This will be a huge help, especially in rainy season when the cement is covered with moss and the cement is slippery.   We still need a more heavy duty machine for the year-around cutting of the thick grass around the hangar.  Cutting the grass keeps the snakes and bugs back a little further away, so it is a weekly requirement.  Thanks for praying! 

Air Compressor

Air Compressor

A self-contained air compressor, contractor style, is greatly needed. It needs to have capacity sufficient to power the continuous use air tools we so often use in aviation.
July 11, 2010 – This machine, donated by the work team from Valley Fourth Memorial Church in Spokane, WA, arrived in late May and has been a huge help already in keeping the tire pressures up in the aircraft and support equipment, cleaning the aircraft engine and enabling the use of some power tools.   Thanks for praying! 

 Honda EU20i
This particular Honda generator is ideal for our emergency electrical lighting, battery charging and power tool use at the hangar.  (Note: We had the Honda model eu2000i posted here for a while which is a 110 volt generator.  The electricity here is 240 volt, so the eu20i is more suitable to meet our needs.)

Other items that would be helpful are tree trimming equipment, hedge trimmers, a shop wet/dry vacuum cleaner and a weed whip. 

If you are interested in helping with any of these equipment needs please contact us for information on the most efficient direction of your gift.


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