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The primary goal of our work is to establish mature churches among remote people groups who are practically applying God’s word to their daily lives. Another way to say it is that we want to plant church-planting churches.  This requires a relay team of marathon missionaries and supporters to complete.  Various steps taken to reach the goal in each tribe are language and culture study, teaching literacy, training literacy teachers, translating the Bible into the tribal language, evangelistic Bible teaching, discipleship and leadership training.  Our ministry in particular greatly speeds up the work of establishing mature tribal churches by providing safe, economical and reliable aviation transportation to our missionary co-workers; especially those living in remote locations.  We also work toward encouraging our co-workers to persevere through the difficulties they face each day.

Randy’s primary ministry is flying the airplanes: transporting missionaries into and out of their remote jungle locations, delivering their food, medicine, translated Bible materials and essential supplies.  Running the flight program also requires that Randy do quite a bit of flight schedule coordination, vehicle and grounds maintenance, radio communications and flight planning in addition to maintaining a high level of competence in knowledge of the aviation regulations, flight operations requirements and aviation systems. 



Flight Following by HF radio

Flight Following by HF radio

Diana works as the ground liaison for Randy, using a wide array of her skills as she tracks aircraft locations by listening to the HF radio and communicates with people inquiring about the aircraft.  She spends quite a bit of time praying. She also coordinates scheduling of personnel and events for the administrative offices, coaches people through computer software issues, studies language and keeps up with “household engineering” tasks.

Computer Coach

Computer Coach

Please feel free to write to us if you have any questions.  We would love to hear from you!  We have a few web locations that might enable to you get information more quickly.  Our web log is located at  where we write about events in our lives.  Our web site which has maps, pictures, time charts and more details about our ministry is located at  Ministry information about us and Papua New Guinea can be found at New Tribes Mission’s web site:

Admin scheduling

Admin scheduling

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