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November 30, 2008

This is the week we expect many of the Patpatar people will hear in their own language the message of eternal life through faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross. Already the men who assisted with translation of the Bible lessons have given clear testimonies of placing their trust in Jesus Christ’s sacrifice as God’s provision for their sin. Please be praying with us as more Patpatar hear the life-giving message.

We are reading reports from the Dinangat tribe that almost the entire village has come to know Christ. As portions of scripture are translated these new believers are expressing a great hunger for more truth from God’s word. As they work toward brining the Dinangat church to maturity in Christ our missionary co-workers there have a lot of work ahead of them.

Diana and I continue on with the many tasks associated with our ministry. It is amazing to me how the most exotic activities in foreign settings can become mundane. I suppose whether or not something is mundane is all in the attitude or the unfamiliarity of the day to day experiences. Much or our time is spent in correspondence, administrative work, billing, planning and flight scheduling. There has been a bit less flying in the past few weeks, so we’ve made progress on other projects such as replacement of the water tank at the hangar and associated plumbing. Our main source of water for everything is rain captured from the roofing and gutters. It raining today, so I will be able to check the plumbing for leaks tomorrow.

We are planning for a work team to come from the USA some time next year, so a lot of time has been spent surveying the work needed, working out details of the plans, figuring out materials, estimating costs, checking on availability of tools and communicating with interested parties. It is nearly impossible to hire any construction work here, so work teams are a big part of enabling the various ministries here. Work teams are a huge help toward speeding up church-planting in a new tribal work.

A work team from Ireland just left and a team of four guys from Pennsylvania just arrived to help our co-workers build houses among the Nakanai people.

The missionaries to the Baining people had quite a bit of help. There comes a point in time where the house is dry enough in which to sleep so our co-worker often move in long before the construction work is completed. Please pray for the Baining work especially right now as our co-workers there, a young family with small children, are living with basic necessities while they build the house around them. Their time and energy will be devoted to construction for some months to come. Once construction is completed to a reasonable level, language and culture study will begin.

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