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Moving Expenses 2007

In 2007 there was a great push from many sides to get a pilot to the Islands Region to replace the missionary pilot who had moved on.  Many offers were made to assist with the move in various ways. At the time we did not have the means to make the move but were willing to move as soon as possible to meet the needs of the missionaries in this region.  Meanwhile we made many trips to the Islands lasting from a few days to a two weeks to meet the flying needs, while preparing for Instrument Rating exams and packing up the house for the move. 

One way the aviation leadership chose to assist us was to allow us to charge the aircraft flight expenses for our move to a special holding account to enable us to avoid having personal accounts with large negative numbers.  Our hope was that within a short time we would be able to cover those expenses with the income that is used to support our own ministry.  We have seen God’s provision many times before in similar circumstances so decided to make the move believing that the means to replace the funds spent would be coming soon.  After all, in 2007 we saw provision for over $15,000 in flight training in addition to many travel expenses and medical/dental expenses.

A year later we have not yet payed this internal loan. So, what do we do?   Do we return to the home country and find jobs?  Our hearts are in ministry here.  Do we spend large amounts of money and time away from our ministry on a fund-raising trip to the USA?  That is possible but not ideal.  Do we carry on as we have just believing that God will cover the costs in His time?  Where does faith end and foolishness begin in this matter?  Was it foolish to heed all the cries of our co-workers and come here the first place?  That being unchangeable history, what do we do now that it is done?  These are questions we have asked and prayed about frequently over the past year.

One of the things we have learned over the years is that God loves to demonstrate His glory.  Perhaps this is one of those circumstances where He wants others to see the situation and realize that God alone has the answer so that when the answer comes all who know the situation can see that God alone is our Provider. 

We need to return to the USA in March for three months to complete some unfinished personal business that has been postponed for about two years.  We would like to see our PNG obligations fulfilled before our business trip to the USA.

We just received an update on the figures due. The oustanding amount from our move is: $8189.73.  Please be praying with us about how to resolve this situation.

How God will resolve this we do not know.  But we do know that God uses people to accomplish His purposes.  If God has put it on your heart to contribute toward a financial resolution, your gift can be much more effective if it is designated specifically to”NTM Aviation PNG Holding: Smyth move to Islands.”  This will allow your gift to go directly and entirely toward the need without deductions such as tithes, 15.3% USA Social Security Taxes, Papua New Guinea Taxes, NTM PNG administration fees and Contingency fund fees.

— Update —

The moving expenses were paid off in May 2010 through the cooperative efforts of two individuals and two churches.  Thank you for praying!

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