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February 21, 2011

February 21, 2011

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Planim Pos

Plant Post

In Papua New Guinea the equivalent of laying a foundation is to (“planim pos”) plant the posts. Everyone knows that if you don’t dig holes and plant the posts in them your house will fall during the first earthquake or get washed down the hill.

Set the Floor

We use this illustration from daily of life to show the importance of laying a foundation for teaching God’s word. First the holes are dug in the posts are planted in them. Then a framework is built to strengthen the posts and establish the floor.

When the floor is established then the walls and a door are framed.

House Nearing Completion

After the walls are secure a ridge pole can be erected on which the roof can be laid. The roof protects the finished walls which protect the interior and beautify the house. Without establishing the foundation first a house lacks strength and integrity and will crumble under adversity.

Mengen House

The same is true when teaching God’s word. When people are taught the essence of religion, even biblical truth, without a clear understanding of the Holy character and nature of God, their own helpless sinfulness, and God’s provision to attain his righteousness, their faith is shaken and sometimes destroyed.

Fuel Shed Framed

We are rejoicing that the work team was able to build a foundation of our fuel shed last summer.

Securing Tin

Last week we were able to put the roof on the shed.

Insecure Fuel Shed

Before our return to the USA (June/July) we hope to secure the building by mounting walls and a door to protect the contents. Thank you team for all your hard work!

February 18, 2011

February 18, 2011

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Thirty years ago today I boarded an airplane in Indonesia as a 19-year-old kid bound for the USA to begin a career as a missionary pilot. My family had just spent the last two years in the middle of Borneo working among the Urun Daan people preparing to plant churches among them. Hiking in the jungles and running the rivers for supplies gave me a taste of doing things the hard way. Surely missionary aviation would speed the task of taking the good news to the remote peoples of the world. I had nothing with to begin my journey but a suitcase and a destination. These many years later I have many tales of God’s provision, direction and timing to enable me to have a part in planting Bible believing churches in many remote places. Thank you for your part in enabling us to do this work!

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