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October 28, 2010

October 28, 2010

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Door Frame

Three times passengers didn’t show up for planned flights and this turned out to be a slow week for flying, so I’m trying to play catch-up on the hangar construction.  I welcome the opportunity to begin bringing order out of the hangar construction chaos.  I need to secure the passenger access area from the workshop area of the hangar; for security and safety. The wonderful work team built a nice wall last summer to separate the two and left a nice door frame.  Now I need to install a double door. 

cabinet maker

Miles Making Cabinets

Does anyone here know how to make doors?  I do not but I am learning from my co-workers who have skills in carpentry in addition to their other ministries.  Apparently no two doors are created equal here.  Looking at an existing door I could see that there are no nails, so that must mean it was glued.   Since a hardwood 2″x4″ board is what I have, I cut it down to manageable one inch strips, then cut those to lengths where I can fit them together to resemble a door that is 32 inches wide by 80 inches tall.   That size seems to be close to the standard for the other doors there.  Now, what do I do to make the frame look like a door?  I found some salvageable thin plywood to slap on the outside of the frame, found some wood glue and clamped plywood on each side of the frame.

Door Construction

When the glue dries I will find out if I made it strong enough support door hinges and a door knob. 


We are trying to build a bit more exercise into our daily routines.   Sometimes I walk along the highway in the morning, where children are gathering to walk to school and business people are waiting for a ride to work.

Taking the Highway to School

The children sometimes ask to have their picture taken.  As soon as the camera comes out they go into “wild and crazy” mode, trying to stand out the most in the picture.

Acting as Clowns

Kids seem to be able to make a toy out of almost anything.

Common Toy

Some are simple and some not so simple.  I wonder why tractor parts are so frequently on my cargo manifest?

Uncommon Toy

In the Mengen tribe, a co-worker has been assisting the missionary team there by shaping the airstrip.  Mud and a thick mossy grass have been restricting my aircraft operations, so our co-worker has been scraping off the wet moss and digging ditches with the tractor to divert water away from the centerline of the runway.  We very much appreciate the stress reduction and increased safety that comes with the airstrip improvements!  Now if there were only some way to keep the pigs off of the runway! 

Scale Calibration

Periodically we have to calibrate our scales to make sure that what we load on the aircraft is actually the same amount of weight that we think it should be.  Overloaded aircraft don’t do too well when confronted with tall trees at the end of short runways.  Calibration of the scales falls on the available trained personnel.  Guess who!  This involves putting certified weights on the scale, recording what the scale reads, taking the weights off, adding weight on the scale to match that reading, putting the certified weights back on the scale, recording the reading and repeating the process until the scale’s capacity is reached. In this case we used the supplies at hand to assist with the calibration process. (This scale was very accurate.)

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  1. Hi Randy and Diana- That was so interesting how God has raised support for you over the years. Glad you got the fence finished and now the door! Yeah! NTM ministry in PNG sounds so fruitful. Keep up The Good Work with His Help. God bless you. Love Brad and Linn

    Comment by Linn Seidensticker — November 1, 2010 @ 10:51 am | Reply

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