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October 10, 2010

October 10, 2010

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This is my one chance to post something on 10/10/10 so I don’t want to miss that opportunity.  To start off with I wanted to post some quotations of tribal testimonies from earlier this year.

What we have to offer the people of Papua New Guinea is not religion but freedom.  This country is full of religion and the bondage religion brings. The people of Papua New Guinea need the freedom endowed by their Creator.  This freedom He offers is available to all, but not all know about it.  That’s where we come in as messengers.   Then those who know about the freedom must appropriate it by faith in God’s Word and His provision through Jesus Christ.

From the Ma tribe:
“Before we were bound by many rituals and superstitions. We used to give much of our time to these things. Some of us used to be sorcerers, and all of us were afraid of sorcery – but no more.”
“Before the Word of God came, we, each of us, went our own way and did our own thing. We had no respect for authority. God is changing us.”
“We have seen growth in our battle for purity.”
“We have seen God be faithful to us in learning to deal with our anger, and speaking the truth.”

This past week included a visit to the Highlands so that patients could see the dentist and aircraft maintenance could be completed.

Dental Run

But before that could be completed we had to finish some other business of dropping off some missionaries at a location where the leaders of several tribal churches were gathered to discuss church business.

Arrival for Church Leaders' Meeting
A church in Holland was involved in supplying mosquito nets for the children in this area.

Mosquito Nets

Rising at 4 AM and in the air at 6 AM we were able to complete the delivery of mosquito nets and missionaries in time to depart for the Highlands while the day was still young.

Highlands Highway

Upon arrival, the patients traveled the hazardous Highlands highway to the dentist and I stayed at the hangar to interact with our aviation support team as well as prepare for travel the next day.

Gifson has helped many years

Time in the Highlands gives a rare opportunity to look at baskets and purchase vegetables for the Islands team.  I enjoyed not sweating for almost a full day in that cooler climate!

Veggies & Baskets

The neighbors bring their garden produce and baskets several times a week to sell to the tribal support missionaries living in the Highlands.


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