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October 3, 2010

October 3, 2010

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The Lord willing, we will be returning to the USA late in the year 2011 to rebuild our support  base and to get involved among the churches and people who have made it possible for us to serve in Papua New Guinea.  The past few visits to the USA for Home Assignment have been busy with much traveling, dental and medical travel along with travel for flight training.  As a result we were not able spend adequate time in any one place as we reported to the churches.  We visited a little with a lot of people.  We feel like we need to settle this time, establishing a home, routines and using one location from which to launch short visits to other areas of the country where we need to report to churches.  We are trusting the Lord to help us build relationships that will help our personal growth as well as equip us for ministry wherever the Lord places us. Please pray for provision and wisdom as we work out plans for next year.



This past week Baulus was able to return home.  Baulus is from the Asengseng tribe where there are now ten tribal churches.  While climbing a breadfruit tree to acquire food for his family, he fell and broke his lower back.  His life was spared but he is paralyzed.  There will be many adjustments to life unaided by handicap tools in the remote village he calls home.

Jan Unloads Wheelchair

Jan Unloads Wheelchair

Transition: Wings to Wheels

Transition from Wings to Wheels

A fair sized crowd came to greet Baulus on his return.   In addition, it seems that school was out when Baulus arrived at the airport nearest his home, so there were a lot of other onlookers. 

Moving from aircraft to truck

Please pray for Baulus and his family as they learn to meet his needs in his home environment.

Congratulations to Lourens who completed formal Culture and Language Acquistion in the Mengen tribe!  An additional milestone is that one of those persons who evaluated Lourens’ skills was a church leader from the nearby Ata tribe who is learning how to train his own people for similar cross-cultural evangelism and church planting.  This church leader was also able to bring along his wife and model a Christian marriage to the Mengen people.  The Mengen people had many questions to ask these Ata believers about Christian living.  Missionaries are so different anyway from normal PNG life that their example may not count much, but to see these Ata people demonstrate God’s love to other people and each other, now that is something to see!  Maybe this new life in Christ really is for ALL people!

Disappointment or Divine Appointment?  This month we are experiencing some aviation fuel difficulties.  Supply is available but not as conveniently as we normally expect.  A shipment of aviation gasoline was delivered but every one of the drums was damaged, so we were unable to accept the shipment. As a result we are relying on the local airport refueler to deliver fuel. This is one of a handful of airports in the country where a fuel supply company still delivers aviation gasoline. Normally we stock our own fuel to avoid the delays associated with waiting for an airliner to be refueled before our fuel is delivered.  The resulting interaction with refueling personnel has given us more opportunities to share Christ.  Please pray that the Good News of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ will become clear to these friends.



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