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September 26, 2010

September 25, 2010

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Hangar Work Team

 Valley Fourth Memorial Church in Spokane, WA organized a work team to come assist us with the aviation side of tribal church planting.  As shown in previous blogs there were many things that needed to be accomplished.  The team provided the funds and the manpower to begin the work.

Meals & Fellowship

 We enjoyed many meals and fellowship together over the weeks they were here.  Diana worked with some of the ladies to cook meals and see that the team had what they needed to function and maintain tropical good health.

Rotten Termite Wood Replaced

 Many of the rotten framework and termite eaten timbers were replaced with new wooden framework.

Built New Walls

 New walls were built to help with passenger control and safety as well as improve hangar security.

Installed New Walls

 Some of the inside walls required many hands for installation.

Paneling Replaced

Paneling Replaced

 To access the mold covered walls and damaged wood, old paneling had to be removed.

New Paneling Cut

 The team brought power tools which were very useful for cutting the building materials.  Thank you for those!

Electrical System Repaired

 The team electrician checked out the existing wiring, replaced wires damaged by rats, moved wires where needed and made sure the team’s electrical needs were met while maintaining safety.  Lighting and electrical safety have been improved!

Facia and Gutters Replaced

Facia and Gutters Replaced

 Much of the facia had fallen off of the roof by the time the team arrived.  They replaced the rotten wood and put up new gutters to ensure our water needs will be met into the future.

Old Fence Removed

 The old fence had been climbed so much by intruders that it did not provide much of a barrier.  Out with the old and in with the new!

New Fence Installed

 The new fence provides a much more effective barrier.  These materials were one third of the order which was delivered the week before construction began.  The other two thirds of the iron building materials were never delivered, so the team was unable to complete the job.  Three months later we are still trying to recover our losses.  Please pray for replacement materials to finish the job.

Stumps Removed

 Stumps had to be removed to make way for the new fuel shed.   The fuel shed is needed to reduce loss of fuel to theft and protect the fuel investment from environmental damage.

Bigger Stump More Effort

 Some stumps required more effort than others. This one required a lot of digging and a tractor. The roots were all cut before removal was attempted.  With much assistance a tractor was finally able to pull the stump out of it’s hole and away from the building site.

Cement Mixer

 The team dug a lot of post holes and poured a lot of cement by hand, so they were well acquainted with the old cement mixer.

Fuel Shed: More Than A DreamAs it turned out, house construction began at a remote tribal location while the hangar work team was here, so I spent a lot of time flying building materials to the remote location rather than assisting the team. They made a lot of progress in a short time! Fuel Shed Takes Shape

 All of the work team members had a big part in project.   Some projects required many hands at some stages.

Fuel Shed

 We have not yet been able to acquire the funds to replace the stolen materials to complete the fuel shed roof, siding and doors.  Please pray with us about provision for this need as well as the personnel to complete the work.

Drilling Bolt Holes for Frame

Some of the more experience craftsmen were able to pass on knowledge to the less experienced worked.  Had I not been so busy flying I would have loved to learn from these skilled men!

Team Effort

The team put in a lot of hot, sweaty, hard work!  While I don’t have many pictures of the ladies, they worked very hard in uncomfortable conditions, too.  One of the ladies even cut the grass with the lawn mower for several days in the hot sun; which is a very unpleasant, sweaty, strenuous, hard work in this hot, very humid climate.  The grass is a very tough variety and grows very fast, so someone has to cut grass three days a week year around. This helps beat back the snakes, spiders, mosquitoes and other insects. 

Thank you team for all of your work!


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