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September 25, 2010

September 18, 2010

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Namuel helps keep the Supply department running by taking orders from the missionaries in remote locations, gathering the supplies, packaging them for shipping by aircraft and helping Randy load the aircraft.  He also helps with buying supplies in town, stocking the shelves for the support missionaries and acting as checkout clerk.

In a culture where relationships are measured by indebtedness it is difficult to keep Western style businesses such as electrical power supply stations running.  Typically a service is started by a grant from a foreign country or government initiative and then run until the resources are used up or destroyed.  The concept of maintenance is foreign and unwelcome.   Going door to door to collect fees for services is unpopular and contrary to popular culture.  Leadership suffers no consequences for misappropriation of funds. Among workers, faithfulness and giving of yourself to meet the needs of others is also foreign to most of the population.  Like other socialist systems, one only gives what is necessary to receive the least undesirable result. Of course there are exceptional people who hold to Biblical values but most do not.  Changed hearts through the knowledge of God and His wisdom can produce amazing results.

Some colorful bushes can communicate a special message to passers by.

Overloaded pickup trucks or “utes” such as this are common mode of transportation.  The blue license plate on this one indicates that it is a licensed Public Motor Vehicle.

Banyan trees have special spiritual significance in some of PNG eight hundred plus language groups. 

These “bush spirits” periodically roam the streets to terrorize the children in the neighborhood in an attempt to restore discipline.  The costume gives them liberty to swing sticks at whomever they deem worthy, but primarily the women and children.  Walking travelers seem to find another road when these guys are about.

It is wise to keep the gate closed when the agressive alter ego is roaming the streets.


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