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August 22, 2010

Review 2009 – Construction

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What’s new on this side of the world? 

After the church work team left we had a Fourth of July celebration with bicycle parade of missionaries’ children.

Red, White and Blue Parade

Freedom Celebration

A dream for many years has been a place for the school children to play away from the scorching sun and driving rain.  Also needed is a place for sports activities that is large enough for all of the missionaries in the area to meet.  God provided the materials for a multi-purpose building early in the year.  The ground work of digging the foundation began in the middle of the year.

Multi-purpose building as a hole in the ground

The dream as a pile of steel

The cement floor was poured around Christmas.  The roof went on over the months following.

Hang Time

 Our mechanic had a lot of hang time on that project. 

Multipurpose building becomes a reality

Car repairs and shop construction was put on hold.  He was eager to begin installing equipment in his shop.  The old garage pit had seen better days.

Old Garage Pit

Workshop under construction

 So why all this about building construction?  It’s all about reaching tribal people with the Good News of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ!  The multi-purpose building will be use to train the children of missionaries, many of whom may also serve as missionaries themselves. It will also serve to train and equip mission personnel to be more effective in the work they are doing.  It will also be used to equip tribal people  with special skills related to literacy, Bible Translation, cross-cultural communication and leading tribal churches to maturity in Christ.   The workshop is essential to maintaining vehicles and equipment that is used to speed the work of tribal church planting. In this “throw-away society” there are few workshops with the tools or trained personnel to handle our day to day maintenance needs. Parts take months to acquire from Japan.  Vehicle maintenance is mostly a foreign concept.  Most vehicle owners simply run their vehicles into the ground or just abuse them until they don’t work.  (Vehicle lifespan is about five years.)  So, need to fix your car?  “Knock yourself out!”  The workshop is a huge help with that!


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