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August 22, 2010

Airplane lifeline

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We are all about airplanes in our particular ministry and I have not posted any pictures in over a year, so here are a few.

Aircraft Enthusiasm

Most of the time people are just curious about what’s on the delivery truck.  Some times a reward is offered for assistance carry the supplies.  Couriers are much appreciated!

The pilot's faithful audience

 When the aircraft arrives just before school starts, that’s great for the school kids!  Children are taught in the tribal language for a few years and then suddenly switch to a PNG version of English, so the education involves a large leap.

Helicopter Reunion

When the helicopter is in the area we move as much of the cargo as possible on the fixed wing aircraft to the airstrip nearest the destination.  The helicopter costs about three times as much to operate.   Using the less expensive aircraft helps our fellow missionaries stay within their financial means.

Cargo Transfer

Our fellow missionaries are usually quick to step in and help with cargo movement.  This was especially appreciated after my back injury last year.

Oceanic Transfer

 In some places the cargo moves by boat from the nearest airstrip to the tribal village.

View Enroute

 Flying gives us some of the most spectacular views.  A picture may be worth a thousand words, but even a video camera cannot begin to capture what God has created the eye to see. 

Another View

Bush flying is not normally a clean sport!

Hey! I just washed that!


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  1. sure enjoyed the pictures and news of all that is going on there in PNG. thanks for keep us old people informed. Forest Estelle had a stroke so his busy life is going to change i’m afraid, old age seems to be sneaking up rather fast, both of us has had open heart , were looking for those new bodies that the Lord has instore for us, keep up the good work, and fly safe, I wish that this Kodiak was over there instead of setting in our hangar, Jim

    Comment by jim ferguson — September 27, 2010 @ 8:19 am | Reply

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