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August 21, 2010

August 21, 2010

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Over the past year I have come to better realize how much I depend upon a working camera, reader feedback and a good Internet connection to help inspire my blogging. My camera has been working for the past nine months but my verbal inspiration, available time and internet connection have not cooperated. It helps to have an unusual or exciting picture to tell a story.  However, much of the time there are no fancy stories to tell about what happens in the mundane. Despite these shortfalls it is definitely time to continue on with communication.

A lot has happened in the past year. Some of it is new and exciting; much of it is pretty much old hat. After 16 years of doing the same thing over and over again, flying into remote jungle airstrips in support of tribal church planting, every flight is new and pretty much every flight is the same thing.  The danger of blogging is in repeating our messages over and over. I feel like a farmer.  We spend hours and hours doing the same thing over and over.  Sure! Every row of corn is different. Yes!  Every row of corn is the same.   Plow, plant, weed and water. Plow, plant, weed and water. 

Someone might ask, “How was the plowing?”  Well, I lined up on a tree, stuck the plow in the ground and plodded on until the row was done.   Then I turned around the other direction, lined up on a tree, stuck the plow in the ground and plodded on until the row was done.  The harvest will come in this particular field but there is no evidence of harvest in this row at this time.

Flying is a lot like farming.  The first flight is new and exciting and the places we go are exotic and unique.  It’s like the first time you walk into Wal-Mart.  But after a while you know what is available, where and when.  It’s like that first time driving on the highway in heavy traffic.  It is amazing what can become mundane!

Tribal church planting involves a lot of hard work and sweat (the two are not necessarily directly related in this climate). Like farming the joy of harvest comes much later than the time of planting. The joy of our labor over time is that we see the fruit of labor coming up all over the place. In the past sixteen years we have seen God’s word go out to these tribal languages:   Abau, Saniyo, Sorimi, Nakwi, Inanbimali, Hewa, Maleu, Kaulong, Kaul, Dinangat, Inapang, Ma, Iwalaqamalje, Kafe, Kol, Lavongai, Madak, Patpatar, Malaumanda, Manam,  Mengen, Lusi, Tigak, Tobo.  There are growing churches in each of these tribes.  Some are reaching out with zeal to other people with the Gospel of Grace. Like farming and gardening, only God produce the fruit.  It is merely our joy to enjoy the harvest.

To avoid dropping this blog into the pit where many other blog were lost this past year, I will post it as is and begin work on another short blog.

Thank you for praying for us!


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  1. Love to see pictures and updates. Keep them coming and keep us informed on how to pray for you specifically.

    Comment by Bob Smyth (lost brother) — September 2, 2010 @ 2:43 pm | Reply

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