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August 30, 2008

August 29, 2008

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Randy & Diana

Randy & Diana

Diana and I had the privilege to spend a few days in the Highlands. We flew up early Monday morning so that I could have my six month Base Check Flight and Instrument flying competency renewal check ride. 

Team NTM Aviation

Team NTM Aviation

It is a great privilege to spend some time with more of the aviation team on the Highlands side.  We enjoy the fellowship of like minded people serving God together.

Off to work Goroka morning

Off to work Highlands morning

Dave and I flew to Madang for the GPS approaches and spent a bit of time in his office talking about rules, regulations and policy.

On the way back from the Highlands to the Islands we flew to the SIL base where we had dropped fellow missionaries for dental work.

Back near the Islands support center a load was waiting to be transported to a bush location.  A pastor and his wife from Arizona were visiting some fellow missionaries and needed a ride back to the Islands support center to meet their commercial flight.

Thursday Ray and Marc came back from Rabaul where they were helping to shuttle building materials for the new work among the Baining people. Ray weighed inspected and packed cargo nets for the flights in the other end of the country next where Jonathan and Susan will be building a new home among the Hewa people. 

Preparing cargo nets for sling loads.

Preparing cargo nets for sling loads.

Marc and I worked on a modification for the helicopter cart so that we can park the new helicopter in the hangar overnight.

Friday we flew from Islands support center to the Mouk tribe (where the video “Ee-Taow!” was filmed) and exchanged loads. Many of the Mouk church leaders were away to construct a building for the evangelistic outreach to the Kombe tribe.


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  1. Randy & Diana, I’m glad you’ve decided to try blogging and I’ve subscribed. Sounds like Randy was busy while in Goroka? What was our dear Diana up to?

    Comment by Debra Brady — August 30, 2008 @ 7:06 pm | Reply

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